Brush Pick-Up

ChipperThe Village of Montgomery offers residential properties FREE bulk brush collection twice yearly, once in the spring and fall. The spring Bulk Brush Program falls in the first week of May, and the fall collection is in the first week of October. 

Residents must place brush for pick up in the parkway the Sunday before the beginning of the collection week. The Public Works Department will make one pass through each neighborhood/home. Once they go through the area, unfortunately, they will not return, and residents would need to follow the separate guidelines for brush pick up through the Village's waste haul contractor.

2023 Bulk Brush Collection Cycles:
Spring | May 1
Fall | October 2 

Village of Montgomery Bulk Brush Pick-Up Guidelines & Resident Tips for Fall and Spring Pick Up

  • This service is provided to residential properties only. The Bulk Brush Program does not extend to commercial, industrial, or non-residential properties.
  • The brush must be on the property from which it originates (VOM Code; Section 9-45). Brush piled in the right of way behind your address, or brush not originating from your address, will not be collected. The brush may be placed in the parkway for removal up to one week before the scheduled pickup date. 
  • Brush must be stacked neatly in the parkway by the Sunday evening before the scheduled pickup week. 
  • Brush blocked by parked cars or put out late after the single pass through the area will not be picked up. If it is not visible or accessible at the time of the passthrough, the disposal of the brush becomes the homeowner's responsibility.
  • Pile the brush neatly in one direction with the more significant trunk portions or cut ends facing the street. Brush piles should not be taller than three feet high and should not obstruct the sidewalk, driveways, or pedestrian pathways. 
  • Twigs, leaves, and smaller yard debris should be placed in a yard waste bag for removal by the Village’s regular garbage hauling provider. 
  • Bulk Brush Program does not include branches, logs, or tree stumps due to large-scale tree trimming or removal. 
  • Branches must be no smaller than 1 inch in diameter, no larger than 4 inches in diameter, and not shorter than 3 feet. Public Works Crews are instructed not to pick up piles that include bushes with roots and dirt attached, grape or other vines, lumber, plywood, or construction materials (including but not limited to metal objects, concrete/stone, etc.). Although these rules are for safety reasons, piles not neatly stacked or containing items not considered bulk brush will not be collected.
  • If you do not meet the guidelines, a tag explaining why it was not collected will be left behind. In addition, you will need to adjust the stack to meet the requirements of the weekly collection by the Village’s waste hauler provider (refuse contractor). 

The Village’s waste hauler, LRS Recycling, offers weekly brush pickup and collection on your regular trash day, with different rules and guidelines than the Bulk Brush Program. For weekly brush collected by LRS Recycling, bundles of brush or branches must be tied with twine, should not exceed 2’ wide by 2’ high, and cannot exceed 4’ in length or 50 pounds. Residents can put out an unlimited number of yard waste bags and properly bundled brush each week for no additional charge from April 1 to November 30.

If you have questions about the Bulk Brush Program, Village officials encourage residents to contact the Public Works Department at 630-896-9241.


- Brush neatly set in one direction, untied
- Bigger trunk ends facing street
- Branches must be no smaller than 1" and no larger than 4" in diameter
- Brush should not be shorter than 3' long
- Piles cannot contain roots, dirt, vines, lumber, plywood, or construction materials