Forestry Division

The Forestry Division’s Certified Arborists maintain approximately 11,000 publicly owned trees in the Village. These include the parkway trees (located between the public sidewalk and the curb), plantings around our public buildings, and trees planted in particular service areas. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, trees are critical infrastructure and function collectively to reduce stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, clean the air, create excellent streets and neighborhoods, and calm traffic. Forestry Division activities include pruning, planting, pest identification and control (if feasible), tree risk assessment, tree inventory maintenance, and tree removal. 

  • Arboretum Accreditation
  • Basin & Native Landscaping
  • Tree Replacement Program
  • Parkway Trees

Tree & Forestry Program

Residents are encouraged to contact the public works department with questions regarding tree health, planting, or pruning requests. When making pruning requests, please be specific.  

It is against the Village ordinance to remove or plant trees in the parkway without Village approval. The Village offers a cost-sharing program for residents who want to participate in the replacement of parkway trees when funding is limited. Cost-share trees receive priority for planting compared to trees funded solely by the Village. The village intends to replace all properly sited parkway trees removed due to poor condition, storm damage, or accident.  

Permitted and Prohibited Tree List

During the hot, dry summer days, our parkway trees need extra care to ensure they survive and flourish. 

Maintenance and Care for Our Parkway Trees
  1. Ed Pfaff

    Forestry Supervisor