Hazardous Materials

For Montgomery Residents Only:

Quarterly collection events are held in Montgomery to accept household hazardous waste.  These events are provided by DC Trash, the contracted waste hauler for Village of Montgomery residents.  Hazardous waste collection events will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month in January, April, July and October from 8 am to 1 pm at the Public Works facility at 891 Knell Road off of Route 31.  A photo ID with address will be required to prove residency.  The events are only for residential customers of DC Trash in Montgomery and are not open to businesses, apartment units, or unincorporated areas such as Boulder Hill or other unincorporated areas. Items accepted include:

Pesticides (Chlordane, DDT, Malathion, Sevin, Rodent Poison)
Flammables (Oil-based paint, paint thinner, spot removers, gasoline, kerosene, gas/oil mixture, heating oil)
Caustics (ammonia-based cleaners, household lye, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, metal cleaner)
Toxics (Photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, rust/paint remover, weed killer, antifreeze, mercury)
CFL bulbs (fluorescent lamps)
Household Batteries (all button types, Lithium, all rechargeable batteries)
Lead-Acid Batteries (Car, marine, motorcycle, truck, wheelchair, etc.)
Propane Tanks (20 pounds or less only)


Latex paint (it is not toxic--it is water based)
Biological Waste
Gas Cylinders (greater than 20 pounds)
Regular alkaline household batteries
Pressurized CFC's (greater than 1 pounds)
Radioactive Waste

For all area residents, including all of Kane & Kendall County: 

The closest Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off facility is located at 156 Fort Hill Drive in Naperville (just north of the Department of Public Works building at Fort Hill Drive and Jefferson Avenue) and is open from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, every Saturday and Sunday (except on holidays).  The HHW is available to all residents of Illinois and is free. Please call (630) 420-6095, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm with any questions.

Accepted Household Items

Automotive fluids (including oil, gasoline and anti-freeze)
Batteries (including automotive and sump pump)
Cleaning products, drain openers
Fire extinguishers
Fluorescent bulbs, CFLs
Mineral spirits, strippers and solvents
Paints and stains (oil based and alkyd only)
Prescription medications
Propane tanks (20 pounds or less)
Roofing tar
Unknown hazardous substances

Items not accepted

Compressed gas
Empty spray cans
Latex paint
Radioactive materials
Sharps(needles or lancets)
Smoke detectors
Trash and non-hazardous materials
Unopened, useable consumer products