Resolutions 2010 - Present

 Resolution No.TopicDate

2021-017Approve Use of MFT Funds for Snow Removal
2021-016Adopting Whistleblower Policy9-27-21
2021-015Establishing a "Tree Fee in Lieu" in Unified Development Ordinance9-27-21
2021-014Agreement w/H&K Property Dev. & Balmorea Townhome HOA for Helene Rieder Dr9-27-21
2021-013BAuthorizing Signing of American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Documents8-23-21
2021-013ASupporting Study for a Dam Removal or Modification by IDNR7-26-21
2021-012Authorizing ComEd Green Region Grant7-26-21
2021-011Inducement of Jericho & Orchard LLC Development and Authorization for TIF Expenses7-26-21
2021-010Accepting an Easement for Mar & Celi Subdivision7-26-21
2021-009Adopting the Revised Employee Manual6-28-21
2021-008TIF Inducement Agreement with Reich Bros. The Grid at Rt 31 (Former Cat Facility)6-28-21
2021-007Use of MFT and IRP Funds for 2021 Roadway Program3-8-21
2021-006Amending Tree Mitigation/Preservation Agreement with JB Commodities3-8-21
2021-006Approving Tree Mitigation/Preservation Agreement with JB Commodities2-8-21
2021-005Authorizing a Reduction on Performance Security for Montgomery Place Apartments2-8-21
2021-004Authorizing Repairs in the IDOT Right of Way2-8-21
2021-003Authorizing the Use of 2020 MFT Funds for Snow Removal2-8-21
2021-002Appointing Zoning Commission for Unified Development Ordinance1-11-21
2021-001Authorizing a Grant Agreement with Gray's Mill Partners1-11-21
2020-025Authorizing Agreement with ComEd for Compensatory Storage11-23-20
2020-024Authorizing Execution of Intergovernmental Agreement with Kane County for Coronavirus Relief Funds10-26-20
2020-023Release of Subdivision Bond for Blackberry Crossing West9-28-20
2020-022Authorizing an Amendment to the Boundary Line Agreement with City of Aurora9-14-20
2020-021Authorizing Stationary Food Vendor--Georgie's Hot Dogs8-24-20
2020-020Authorizing $10K Forgivable Loan for Main & Webster Partners8-10-20
2020-019Authorizing $10K Forgivable Loan for Grandma's Table8-10-20
2020-018Ratifying Executive Order 2020-02 Ending Financial Assistance for Water Billing7-13-20
2020-017Authorizing $10K Forgivable Loan to Atrevete Convections7-13-20
2020-016Authorizing $10K Forgivable Loan to F&C Industries7-13-20
2020-015Granting Stationary Food Vendor Licenses7-13-20
Authorizing Execution of Promissory Note for Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program
Fair Housing Resolution
Updating Sexual Harassment Policy
United Sugars Inducement Agreement
Authorizing Execution of IGA with Fox Valley Park District for Bike Path
Authorizing Execution of IGA for KC-TAP Grant for Sidewalks along Rt 30 & V. Gilman Trail
Approving Investment Policy
Authorizing Acceptance of Open Space and Common Areas in Blackberry Crossing West
Ratifying Executive Order 20-002 re Water Bill Credit and Waver of Late Fees
Authorizing the Village’s Share of Costs for Concord Drive and Baseline Rd LAFO Project
Authorizing Village President to Declare an Extended State of Emergency/Local Disaster
2020-003Approving a Complete Streets Policy1-27-20
2020-002Authorizing a Forgivable Loan for JMB Investment Partners1-27-20
2020-001Authorizing Execution of Kane County Bike Share Program2-24-20
2019-014Approving the Use of MFT Funds for Snow Removal Materials10-28-19
Approving the Issuance of Economic Development Revenue Bonds for Aurora University
Updating Membership Requirements for the Montgomery Development Fund Committee
Rebating Fees for New Residential Construction
Updating Procedures for Beautification Committee
Forgivable Loan from Montgomery Development Fund for Dairy Queen
Intergovernmental Agreement with Sugar Grove for Local Adjudication

Authorizing Signatory for Lead Service Line Replacement Project
In Support of State Capital Bill
Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for 2019 Road Program
Authorizing Execution of Declaration of Trust for IL Public Reserves Investment Mgmt Trust
Approving an Investment Policy
Authorizing Repair Work in IDOT Right of Way
Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for Salt Purchase
2018-019Calling the Letter of Credit for Verizon10-22-18
2018-018Declare Default of Letter of Credit for Verizon10-22-18
2018-017Authorize $160K for Village’s Share of Construction Costs for Aucutt Road LAFO10-8-18
2018-016Use MFT Funds to Repair Salt Shed Roof9-24-18
2018-015Authorizing Speedway Recapture Agreement9-24-18
2018-014Authorizing Execution of MOU for CMAP LTA Grant8-27-18
2018-013Stationary Food vendor at Menards Taco Grill & Salsa Bar7-9-18
2018-012Greenest Region Compact Update6-25-18
2018-011Forgivable Loan for 109 N Main6-25-18
2018-010Stationary Food Vendor Time to Drive Auto 603 Montgomery Road5-29-18
2018-009Approving CMAP Local Technical Assistance Agreement4-23-18
2018-008Authorizing Signature of Kendall Area Transit Agreement4-9-18
2018-007Approving Purchasing Card Policy3-12-18
2018-006Approving Purchasing Policy3-12-18
2018-005Authorizing Execution of Agreement with the ICC for Light Road (Stipulated Agreement 1640)2-26-18
2018-004Debt Management Policy2-12-18
2018-003Investment Policy2-12-18
2018-002Financial Policies2-12-18
2018-001Sexual Harassment Policy1-8-18
2017-014AV Upgrade12-11-17
2017-013Supporting Bicentennial Celebrations11-27-17
2017-012Approve a Preliminary Plan for a Special Use for a PUD for Montgomery Place Apartments11-27-17
2017-011Approve Salt Purchase and Weather Forecasting Service from MFT Funds11-13-17
2017-010 (PDF)Accept Membership in Northern Illinois Health Insurance Initiative - Intergovernmental Personnel Benefit Cooperative9-11-17
2017-009 (PDF)New Residential Construction Fee Rebate9-11-17
2017-008 (PDF)Establishing Montgomery Development Fund Committee9-11-17
2017-007 (PDF)Dissolving Revolving Loan Fund Committee9-11-17
2017-006 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Intergovernmental Agreement between Montgomery Police Department and School District 308 for Reciprocal Reporting8-28-17
2017-005 (PDF)Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for Elected Officials7-24-17
2017-004 (PDF)Release of Deed Restriction with Fox Valley Park District6-26-17
2017-003 (PDF)Orchard Road TIF District Rebate Process5-22-17
2017-002 (PDF)Intent to Reimburse Capital Expenditures from Proceeds of Future Debt (for Water Main Service Line and Lift Station Replacements)2-27-17
2017-001 (PDF)2017 MFT Funds2-27-17
2016-017 (PDF)Acceptance of Montgomery Business Center Unit 1 and Aucutt Road Improvements12-12-16
2016-016 (PDF)Authorization for Repair Work in IDOT Right of Way11-28-16
2016-015 (PDF)Authorization of Intergovernmental Agreement with Village of Oswego and City of Yorkville for Sharing Certain Publics Works Services11-14-16
2016-014 (PDF)Authorization of Stationary Food Vendor Permit for Primos Tacos at 602 Montgomery Road11-14-16
2016-013 (PDF)Amendment to Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy11-28-16
2016-012 (PDF)Authorization to Join Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network (IPWMAN)9/26/2016
2016-011 (PDF)Old Dominion Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-010 (PDF)CenterPoint Properties Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-009 (PDF)Nexeo Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-008 (PDF)American Crystal Lighting Deviation8/8/2016
2016-007 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Agreement with ICC for Light Road7/25/2016
2016-006 (PDF)Intent of Capital Expenditures to be Reimbursed from Gen. Obligation Debt Certificates8/8/2016
2016-005 (PDF)Authorizing Projects as TIF Eligible8/8/2016
2016-004 (PDF)Stationary Food Vendor Pigs-N-Heat BBQ6/27/2016
2016-003 (PDF)MFT Purchases6/13/2016
2016-002 (PDF)Authorizing Application for Kane County Riverboat Grant2/22/2016
2016-001 (PDF)Approving a Recreational Lease Agreement with ComEd2/8/2016
2015-012 (PDF)Authorizing Village’s Share of Cost for Briarcliff Road LAFO Project12/14/2015
2015-011 (PDF)Accepting 2 Parcels on Route 30 from Kane County10/26/2015
2015-010 (PDF)CMAP Shared Services Study8/24/2016
2015-009 (PDF)ICC Agreement for Additional Time and Funds7/27/2015
2015-008 (PDF)Concord Drive FAFOSTP Application6/22/2015
2015-007 (PDF)Auth Work in IDOT ROW6/22/2015
2015-006 (PDF)Riverboat Grant Resolution6/22/2015
2015-005 (PDF)NIMEC - Municipal Electrical Aggregation5/11/2015
2015-004 (PDF)MFT Program5/11/2015
2015-003 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for 2014 MFT and Salt Purchase3/24/2015
2015-002 (PDF)Land Transfer of Oswego Fire Protection District Training Facility3/9/2015
2015-001 (PDF)Support of Local Government Distributive Fund3/9/2015
2014-019 (PDF)Approve Village Share of Route 30 Construction12/16/2014
2014-018 (PDF)Calling Letter of Credit for Marquis Point11/24/2014
2014-017 (PDF)Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for Mill Street Assessments11/10/2014
2014-016 (PDF)Authorizing PMA Investments10/13/2014
2014-015 (PDF)Supporting the Widening of Route 30 from Route 31 to Route 478/25/2014
2014-014 (PDF)Authorizing Use of MFT Funds for Village of Montgomery’s $70,000 Contribution to the Phase I Study of Montgomery Road8/25/2014
2014-013 (PDF)Petitioning for Additional Funds and Extension of Deadline for Light Road7/28/2014
2014-012 (PDF)Authorizing Creation of New Stationary Food Vendor License @ Aurora Transmission7/28/2014
2014-011 (PDF)Approving 2014 Street Maintenance Program and Salt Purchase6/23/2014
2014-010 (PDF)Approving Sales Tax Referendum5/22/2014
2014-009 (PDF)Approving the CMAP Grant for LTA4/28/2014
2014-008 (PDF)Rebating Fees for New Residential Construction4/28/2014
2014-007 (PDF)Mutual Aid Agreement for Law Enforcement5/12/2014
2014-006 (PDF)Approving River Boar Grant Application for Reprinting History Books4/14/2014
2014-005 (PDF)Supplemental MFT Funds for Salt3/24/2014
2014-004 (PDF)Non Boulder Hill water fee credit2/10/2014
2014-003 (PDF)Approve MFT funds for cost share with IDOT for Route 31 & Watkins Project1/27/2014
2014-002 (PDF)Authorizing Purchase of Electricity1/27/2014
2014-001 (PDF)Orchard Road TIF District Rebates1/13/2014
2013-029 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Petition to ICC for Extention for Light Road11/12/2013
2013-028Not Used
2013-027 (PDF)Restated Declaration of Trust of Illinois Trust (IIIT)11/12/2013
2013-026 (PDF)Approving and authorizing execution of 2nd Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust for IMET11/12/2013
2013-025 (PDF)Appointing Authorized IMRF agent11/12/2013
2013-024 (PDF)Adopting 1,000 Hour standard for IMRF Participation11/12/2013
2013-023 (PDF)Tank Car Safety11/12/2013
2013-022 (PDF)Accepting Easement near Parker Court11/12/2013
2013-021 (PDF)Designating Account Signatories10/14/2013
2013-020 (PDF)Terminating Treasurer in IMRF8/26/2013
2013-019 (PDF)Recognition of WCC Job Fair8/26/2013
2013-018 (PDF)In Support of Grant Related Road Improvement Projects (2013 STP)8/26/2013
2013-017 (PDF)Funding Resolution for Route 31 at Watkins Street7/22/2013
2013-016 (PDF)Include Taxable Allowances as IMRF Earnings7/22/2013
2013-015 (PDF)Resolution of Intent – Orchard Road TIF7/22/2013
2013-014 (PDF)Resolution of Intent Regarding National Flood Insurance7/16/2013
2013-013 (PDF)Auth. To sign Docs for Public Water Supply Loan Program7/16/2013
2013-012 (PDF)Standing Advisory Committees6/24/2013
2013-011 (PDF)Supporting the use of revolving loan funds6/18/2013
2013-010 (PDF)MFT for 2013 – street repairs and salt5/28/2013
2013-009 (PDF)Extension of Time with ICC for Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad5/13/2013
2013-008 (PDF)NIMEC Purchase of Electricity for Street Lighting5/13/2013
2013-007 (PDF)Acceptance of Saratoga Springs Basin3/25/2013
2013-006 (PDF)Douglas Avenue LAFO3/25/2013
2013-005 (PDF)Acceptance of Detention Basin in Balmorea Parcel 2 of Unit 13/25/2013
2013-004 (PDF)Retention Bonus Plan3/5/2013
2013-003 (PDF)Authorizing Purchase of Electricity through NIMEC2/25/2013
2013-002 (PDF)Accepting Public Improvements for Fieldstone Place1/28/2013
2013-001 (PDF)Flexible Benefits Plan Amendment1/14/2013
2012-021 (PDF)Authorizing Riverboat Grant Application12/10/2012
2012-020 (PDF)Authorizing Execution of Agreements with ICC and to Petition for Funds for Improvements to Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad12/10/2012
2012-019 (PDF)Work in IDOT Row12/10/2012
2012-018 (PDF)Blackberry Crossing West Unit 4 Acceptance11/26/2012
2012-017 (PDF)Means of Procurement of goods and services related to the implementation and administration of the CDBG Award. *Expires after 30 months.10/22/2012
2012-016 (PDF)Code of Conduct Regarding Grants *Expires after 30 months10/22/2012
2012-015 (PDF)Protecting Nonviolent Civic Rights Demonstrations *Expires after 30 months10/22/2012
2012-014 (PDF)Lower Fox River Conservation Plan10/22/2012
2012-013 (PDF)2012 MFT Street Maintenance and Salt Purchase7/23/2012
2012-012 (PDF)Blackberry Creek Water shed plan acceptance6/25/2012
2012-011 (PDF)Stationary Food Vendor. Nate’z Dogz.6/25/2012
2012-010 (PDF)Grant for Disaster Relief3/26/2012
2012-009 (PDF)To Execute Illinois Commerce Commission Stipulated Agreement 1640 (Improvements to Light Road Crossing of BNSF Railroad)2/12/2012
2012-008 (PDF)Join Water Sense Program2/12/2012
2012-007 (PDF)Extending Agreement with Kane County for Animal Control for one year2/27/2012
2012-006 (PDF)Supporting Kendall County Community Economic Development Plan2/27/2012
2012-005 (PDF)Pasadena SSA1/23/2012
2012-004 (PDF)Authorizing regarding work in IDOT Right of way1/23/2012
2012-003 (PDF)Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity1/23/2012
2012-002 (PDF)Resolution accepting Blackberry Crossing West Unit 31/23/2012
2012-001 (PDF)Resolution accepting Lot 219 in the Marquis Pointe Subdivision1/23/2012
2011-012 (PDF)Acceptance of Balmorea Units 2 & 310/10/2011
2011-011 (PDF)Fee for Temporary Signs9/26/2011
2011-010 (PDF)Authorizing the Creation of new stationary food vendor License @ Stafford’s8/22/2011
2011-009 (PDF)Authorizing Creation of new stationary food vendor License @ Exhaust Works8/22/2011
2011-008 (PDF)Resolution of Default & to Draw on Irrevocable Letter of Credit6/27/2011
2011-007 (PDF)2011 Street Maintence and Salt Purchase6/27/2011
2011-006 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Unit 1 & Detention Basins in Unit 3&4 Balmorea Sub.4/11/2011
2011-005 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Real Estate by the Village of Montgomery4/11/2011
2011-004 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity3/14/2011
2011-003 (PDF)Exercising an Option to Renew for 1 year an Intergovernmental Agreement with the County of Kane for Animal Control Services2/14/2011
2011-002 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of the Dentention Basins in the Marquis Point Subdiv2/14/2011
2011-001 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Units 1 & 4 & Dentention Basins in Foxmoor Subdiv.2/14/2011
2010-028 (PDF)Authorizing Acceptance of Real Estate by Village of Montgomery, Kane & Kendall12/21/2010
2010-027 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for the Raymond Drive Project in the amount of $55,000.0011/22/2010
2010-026 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of FY2011 Motor Fuel Tax Funds for Baseline Road Improvement in the amount of $145,000.0011/22/2010
2010-025 (PDF)Authorizing the Use of FY11 MFT Funds Salt Purchase & Storm Damage Cleanup in the amount of $150,00011/22/2010
2010-024 (PDF)To Commit to Participate in the Clean Air Counts Program11/22/2010
2010-023 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for Maintenance of Streets & Highways by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code9/27/2010
2010-022 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Goodwin Drive and the Mainline Sanitary and Storm Sewers in Marquis Pointe9/27/2010
2010-021 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Public Improvements in Blackberry Crossing9/13/2010
2010-020 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of the Stormwater Detention Basin in Orchard Prairie North9/13/2010
2010-019 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of an Easement (Fox River Foods)8/23/2010
2010-018 (PDF)Improvement by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code (Supplemental) for Baseline Road LAPP-Additional Project Closeout Forms7/26/2010
2010-017 (PDF)Improvement by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code (Supplemental) for the Emergency Road Repair in the amount of $191,711.627/26/2010
2010-016 (PDF)Adopting the Kane County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan7/26/2010
2010-015 (PDF)Initiating the Submission of a Public Question to Support Regional Actions to Attain Long-Term Pension Sustainability7/26/2010
2010-014 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of an Easement (McDonalds)6/28/2010
2010-013 (PDF)Setting Fees for the Farmer’s Market5/24/2010
2010-012 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity for Street Lighting Purpose4/26/2010
2010-011 (PDF)Declaring a Default by Huntington Chase Limited Partnership and Kimball Hill Inc., for the Development Known as Hungtington Chase Subdivision4/26/2010
2010-010 (PDF)Use of 2010 Motor Fuel Tax for Road Salt Purchase in the amount of $143,193.244/26/2010
2010-009 (PDF)Supplemental Resolution for Use of 2009 Motor Fuel Tax for Road Salt Purchase in the amount of $75,465.744/26/2010
2010-008 (PDF)Amending Resolution 09-014 Authorizing Sale of Surplus Real Estate Pursuant to Article II, Division 76-4.2 of IL Municipal Code for Village of Mont., Kane, & Kendall Counties, IL4/12/2010
2010-007 (PDF)Opposing the Reduction in the Local Government Distributive Fund3/22/2010
2010-006 (PDF)Supporting the Creation of the Northwest Water Planning Area by Intergovernmental Agreement3/22/2010
2010-005 (PDF)Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for the Lakewood Creek Drive Local Agency Pavement Preservation (LAAP) Design Engineering Services3/8/2010
2010-004 (PDF)Resetting Fees to be Charged by the Community Development Department2/22/2010
2010-003 (PDF)Authorizing the Acceptance of Public Improvements in Blackberry Crossing West Units 1&22/8/2010
2010-002 (PDF)Authorizing the Purchase of Electricity1/25/2010
2010-001 (PDF)Authorization to Withdraw from Northern Illinois Municipal Natural Gas Consortium1/25/2010

For resolutions prior to 2010, please contact Deputy Clerk Debbie Buchanan at (630) 896-8080 ext. 9003 or Email.