Trustee Dan Gier

Term: 2019 to 2023

Number of Years on the Village Board: 2

Profession/Occupation: Retired Class "A" Water Plant Operator

Trustee Gier has been a resident of Montgomery for 35 years. During this time, he served on the Montgomery Fire Department for 16 years, assisted with the establishment of the Montgomery National Night Out program, volunteered for the Senior Lunch Program and the Cemetery Walk as a guide and is a member of the Beautification Committee and CMAP Steering Committee. He worked for Montgomery Public Works for 20 years and retired in 2018. He designed and installed the flower planters on the Mill Street bridge and installed the banners throughout the Village. He was instrumental in the water system expansion, automation and upgrades during the growth phase of the Village. Prior to working for the Public Works Department as a Water Plant Operator, he was a Credit Manager for two local companies and a board member for the Chicago Midwest Credit Management Association/NACM and Henry Pratt Employees Federal Credit Union. He is currently a member of the American Water Works Association and Kane County Water Association.

Trustee Gier states: "I have been fortunate to reside in the Village during the explosive growth period and provide support with my various contributions. After my retirement I decided to serve as Trustee so I could continue to be involved with the community and assist with the continued growth and development."