Property Taxes

The property tax rates for the Village of Montgomery since 2004 are as follows: 

2021   0.4340
2020   0.4389 
2019   0.4770
2018   0.4951
2017   0.5136
2016   0.5391
2015   0.5804
2014   0.5937
2013   0.5726
2012   0.5405
2011   0.4747
2010   0.4155
2009   0.3686
2008   0.3592
2007   0.3673
2006   0.4589
2005   0.3793
2004   0.4985

Other Taxing Districts

The amount of property taxes paid to the Village is only a very small portion of a homeowner's total property tax bill. Other taxing bodies that may appear on a tax bill are the Library District, School District, Park District, Forest Preserve District, Community College District, Fire Protection District, and others. The Village of Montgomery comprises four townships, two counties, five school districts, five fire protection districts, two park districts, and two library districts. These various taxing districts all have different tax rates, so property taxes vary from location to location within the Village. The local township Assessor's Office determines the EAV of each property and maintains all tax records. The Village of Montgomery does not have property tax information for other taxing bodies.

Sales Tax

Sales taxes vary depending upon the county the sale occurs. For details please click on the appropriate county:

Montgomery (Kane County locations) (PDF)
Montgomery (Kendall County locations) (PDF)