Small Cell Permits

For all Small Cell Facilities, the applicant must provide the following at the time of submittal otherwise the permit application will be denied.

1. Application with all pertinent information provided. (Application PDF)
2. Letter from pole owner giving you rights to the pole.
3. A picture of the exact pole and the surroundings. Multiple pictures may be included.
4. Structural analysis from a certified Engineer stating the pole can accept the weight of new equipment.
5. Set of final construction plans (not preliminary).
6. Applicable permit. $650 single site, or $350 per site for consolidated application. (non-refundable).
7. If applying for multiple sites, all the above will be needed for each. (Maximum of 25 sites. See second page)
8. A separate permit will be required for any street or lane closures needed to perform the work. (see Right of Way Permit Application)

Contractors performing the work must be registered with the Village of Montgomery. (see Contractor Registration)

Ordinance 1819- An ordinance providing for the regulation of small wireless facilities.