The Village Administrator is appointed by the Village President and serves on a full-time basis. The Village Administrator is responsible for overseeing all of the Village's functions that make Montgomery an attractive place to live, work and do business in. The Village Administrator is responsible for:
- Implementing public policies adopted by the Village Board. 
- Actively managing the municipal organization. 
- Supporting the Village departments. 
- Increasing transparency. 

Administration Areas of Support

Executive Assistant/Deputy Clerk
The Executive Assistant role is responsible for relieving the Village Administrator of routine duties and providing secretarial support and research assistance. 
The Deputy Clerk is the official keeper of records and serves as the Village's FOIA officer. 

Communications Manager and Public Information Officer
This role of the Communications Manager is responsible for developing, organizing, and managing the strategic communications efforts of the Village. 

Human Resources Manager 
The role of the Human Resources Manager is responsible for the coordination of all personnel related matters.