Tip of the Quarter

Social Media Awareness

The Montgomery Police Department would like their residents to be aware of social media risks. Using social media allows people to connect and share information with family and friends. Users of social media, however, should be aware of the following risks:

  • Things can spread quickly on the internet. ANYONE can copy, save, or pass along what you post including things that you meant for only certain people to see.
  • Some people harass, threaten, or make fun of others. Using a screen name can make people feel as though they are anonymous online. This can make it easier for that person to say things that they normally would not say in person.
  • Sharing too much information can be risky! Millions of people--including dangerous people--all over the world can see what you post online. You cannot trust that everyone will act with your best interest.

Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when you're online:

  • Limit the personal information you post or share on any site.
  • Limit the number of people you interact with on these sites.
  • Keep your interactions private. If you post photos or videos, take steps to protect them.
  • Never post updates indicating where you are at the present moment. Criminals love this.
  • Go over the privacy settings for each social media site you use.
  • Treat others the same way you would want to be treated.

*****REMEMBER: Just because you post something on social media, it does NOT mean your local police department will see/read it. If you have a police question or have information about a police matter, we ask you contact your local police department. *****

Parent's Summertime Safety Tips for Children

The Montgomery Police Department is reminding parents and caregivers that now is the time to take the necessary precautions to ensure your child's safety and welfare during the summer break. MPD has assembled a list of easy to remember safety tips that will help make village residents' summer memorable for the right reasons:

* When riding in a vehicle, make sure children are secured in an approved child safety seat or seat belt. Remember, the back seat is safest!

* When riding a bicycle, skateboard or inline skates, children should wear the proper safety gear including a helmet. Remember to abide by the rules of the road.

* When children are swimming, always make sure an adult is nearby and watching. Never allow children to swim alone! Remember to have children wear sunscreen.

* Instruct children that if they find a gun, don't touch it! Tell them to alert an adult or a police officer.

* Stranger Danger! Remind children that anyone they don't know is a stranger. Tell them never talk to or take candy from a stranger; never take rides from a stranger; never help a stranger look for a lost pet; never open the door for a stranger. * Make sure children know their complete name, the parent's name and how to contact a parent in an emergency.

* Keep an updated schedule of children's activities and know whom they will be with, how to contact them and when they will return.

* When at parks, shopping malls and public events, be aware of the surroundings and keep children within eyesight.

* Be alert to strangers watching children and report any suspicious persons or activities to the police immediately.

* Make sure children know how to dial 911 if they need help or have an emergency.

MPD hopes these friendly reminders will help residents have a safe and happy summer.