Parent & Child Safety

Safety Tips for Parents & Children

The Montgomery Police Department reminds parents and caregivers that it is essential to take the necessary precautions to ensure your child's safety and welfare. 

  • When riding in a vehicle, ensure children are secured in an approved child safety seat or seat belt. Remember, the back seat is safest!
  • Children should wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet, when riding a bicycle, skateboard, or inline skates. Remember to abide by the rules of the road.
  • When children swim, always ensure an adult is nearby and watching. Never allow children to swim alone! Remember to have children wear sunscreen.
  • Instruct children that if they find a gun, don't touch it! Tell them to alert an adult or a police officer.
  • Stranger Danger! Remind children that anyone they don't know is a stranger. Tell them never to talk to or take candy from a stranger, never take rides from a stranger, never help a stranger look for a lost pet, and never open the door for a stranger. * Ensure children know their complete name, the parent's name, and how to contact a parent in an emergency.
  • Keep an updated schedule of children's activities and know whom they will be with, how to contact them, and when they will return.
  • When at parks, shopping malls, and public events, be aware of the surroundings and keep children within eyesight.
  • Be alert to strangers watching children and report any suspicious persons or activities to the police immediately.
  • Ensure children dial 911 if they need help or have an emergency.