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"Do Not Solicit" Registry

  1. Residents who post a "Do Not Solicit" or similar sign at their residence may also submit their address to be placed on a list of addresses that do not welcome solicitors. No solicitor shall attempt to solicit on property that is included on the "Do Not Solicit" list. Please report the name and company of any solicitor violating this "Do Not Solicit" registry to the police dispatch non-emergency number at (630) 553-0554.
  2. Please provide your home address with apartment number, if any.
  3. Do you have a "Do Not Solicit" sign on display?

    We require that you have a "Do Not Solicit" sign, visible to the public, on display in order to register your address. It can be a sign purchased at a hardware store, or just a handwritten sign, but you must post one so that solicitors know not to knock on your door.

  4. Please provide your email address.
  5. Violation of "No Soliciting"

    If you experience any violation of your "No Soliciting" sign, please contact Police Dispatch at (630) 553-0554 with the name and company of the offender.

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