Applications / Permits

The Planning and Zoning Division assists with applications to the Planning and Zoning Commission for Annexation and Zoning; Concept Plans; Planned Unit Developments (PUDs); Preliminary and Final Plat and Plans; Special Uses; Rezoning and Ordinance Text Amendments; Variations and Appeals.

The Division also processes a variety of other requests and permits such as site plan reviews, site development permits and other zoning and development related permits.

Please contact staff to set up a pre-application meeting.

Planning and Zoning Commission Applications

  • Plan Commission Application Packet (PDF) (Includes requests for Annexation, Concept Plan, Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), Preliminary and Final Plat and Plans, Special Uses, Rezoning and Zoning Text Amendments)
Please select the appropriate document(s) based on the checklist in your application: 

NRI Kendall County Report Application (PDF)
Land Use Opinion Application Kane/Dupage County

EcoCAT - Ecological Compliance Assessment Tool
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Project Review

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Abatement Deposit Ordinance (PDF)

Site Development Permit Application Checklist (PDF)
Letters of Credit and Performance Bond Language (PDF)
Letters of Credit and Performance Bond Release (PDF)
Certificate of Occupancy Requirements (PDF)
Record Drawings/As-builts Requirements (PDF)

Stormwater Ordinance and Application Documents

Other Applications

Additional Information