Montgomery Road Construction Project

Kane County recently completed a Phase I Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study that evaluates an approximately 2.2 mile section of Montgomery road between Briarcliff Road on the west and Hill Avenue on the east. This is mostly a two-lane road with high amounts of traffic, and the study seeks to provide additional capacity for traffic, enhance safety and efficiency and provide drainage improvements.

The majority of this study area is located in the Village of Montgomery, although the road is owned and maintained by Kane County. Below are links to two documents that provide additional information about this project.

Fact Sheet (PDF) (project overview, features, funding, and contact information) 

PowerPoint from Kane County Division of Transportation (PDF) Public Hearing on September 14, 2016 (project description, current deficiencies of Montgomery Road, preferred alternative, Douglas/Montgomery Road intersection, land acquisition, funding) 

Again, Kane County owns and maintains Montgomery Road, so any questions or issues regarding the Phase I Study of Montgomery Road can be directed to the Kane County Division of Transportation at 630-406-7333.