Streets Division

antique road grater The streets division concentrates on maintaining and repairing infrastructure improvements. Typical duties include street and sidewalk repairs (including street sign replacement, pot hole repairs, retrieval of deceased animals from public rights-of-way, and street striping), grounds maintenance, snow and ice removal, brush and leaf pick-up, storm sewer and sanitary sewer main repairs, tree trimming and mosquito control.

Periodically older trucks are decommissioned and replaced with newer models. Older vehicles are either used as a trade-in or sold in various ways, including auction sites such as Gov Deals. Vehicles for sale on that website can be viewed by entering "Montgomery, IL" in the search box.

Village Infrastructure Road Program

In 2004 the Village adopted a Pavement Management Approach to guide the maintenance of the Village Streets. Approximately every 5 years all of the roadways in the Village are inspected and the condition of the roadway is rated. The Village then utilizes a pavement management program to determine the timing and method of repair for streets based on the anticipated funding and year. The program helps the Village select the most cost effective road repair program. Generally, the Village tries to group the streets selected for rehabilitation into the same general area to reduce mobilization costs.

Prior to the passage of the 1% local sales tax the Village was able to rehabilitate approximately 1 mile of roadway each year. However, with the additional funding the Village was able to rehabilitate 4 miles of roadway in 2016. The 2016 road program (PDF) included patch sealing and road resurfacing with an investment of more than $1.8 million. The 2017 project (PDF) comprised 7.58 miles of roadwork including sidewalk and curb repair and replacements, with an investment of over $3.0 million. The 2018 program (PDF) includes sidewalk repairs and roadway resurfacing, as well as a Quiet Zone along the railroad tracks in downtown Montgomery.

At the conclusion of each year's program Public Works and Engineering reevaluate the current 5-year plan, discuss the program with the Village Board and make any adjustments that are needed for the next year's program.

In addition, the Village actively seeks federal funding for rehabilitation of Village streets that are eligible. In order to be eligible for federal funding the street must be classified as a Federal Aid Urban (FAU) Route by IDOT. For example, in 2016 the Village secured funding for the repair and resurfacing of Briarcliff Road, which is a designated FAU Route. For this project the Village was responsible for 25% of the cost, the Federal share was 75%.

Have a question or concern? Please contact Public Works at 630-896-9241 or email the general public works email box.

Montgomery Road Phase I Study