Streets Division

The streets division concentrates on maintaining and repairing infrastructure improvements. Typical duties include street and sidewalk repairs (including street sign replacement, pothole repairs, retrieval of deceased animals from public rights-of-way, and street striping), grounds maintenance, snow and ice removal, brush and leaf pick-up, storm sewer and sanitary sewer main repairs, tree trimming, and mosquito control.

Periodically older trucks are decommissioned and replaced with newer models. Older vehicles are used as a trade-in or sold in various ways, including auction sites such as Gov Deals. Vehicles for sale on that website can be viewed by entering "Montgomery, IL" in the search box.

Village Infrastructure Road Program

In 2020, Engineering Enterprises presented a five-year plan for road repairs to the Village Board. This document includes information on costs, funding, maps of the areas to be repaired, and a street-by-street listing. This plan provides a blueprint allowing the Village to resurface 37 miles of roadway over the next five years.

View IRP 5-Year Plan Presentation

2023 Notification and Informational Open House Notification
Exhibit 3: Crack Filling Routing Map
Exhibit 5: Curb & Sidewalk Replacement Map
Exhibit 7: Reclamite Map

Roadwork Construction