Water Main Breaks

Residents are encouraged to immediately contact the Public Works Department if they suspect a water main break. The Public Work's regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00A-3:30P. They can be reached at at 630-896-9241. During non-business hours (weekdays, 3:30P-7:00a, weekends, and holidays), please contact the Montgomery Police Department's non-emergency number at 630-553-0554. They can page staff after hours to attend to a potential main break.

Ten Signs of a Potential Water Main Break

  1. Water puddles in your yard or street without a known source. Unusual amounts of water flowing down the road gutter.
  2. Low water pressure. Experiencing a sudden and significant drop in water pressure.
  3. Hissing or bubbling sounds coming from your pipes.
  4. Frequent clogging drains.
  5. Discolored water.
  6. An unusually wet area of your yard.
  7. Bad smell.
  8. Foundational cracks.
  9. Increased water bills.
  10. Mold and mildew.

For main breaks outside your residential property, the Village will arrive onsite and take corrective action. Once repaired, the staff will temporarily fill the road or area and return to the break sites when the weather warms to improve the street or easement.