JULIE Locates

What Is JULIE?

Before starting a project that requires digging, be sure to call JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators). JULIE serves as a clearinghouse for agencies that may have utility lines, cables, etc running under your property. JULIE forwards notifications to all affected agencies, which in turn dispatch locators to "mark" their underground lines with flags and paint. JULIE can be contacted by dialing 811 or visiting their website. Please be advised that once the call is placed, JULIE generally requires two working days before digging can begin.

What Do The Colors Represent?

All JULIE member utility companies follow the same color codes below to mark their underground utilities.

JULIE colors

What Do the White Flags/Paint Represent?

Prior to contacting JULIE, pre-mark your project area using white paint or flags. Doing so provides facility owner locators more specific knowledge about where on your property you plan to do the work.  It is required by law that only WHITE paint or flags are used for pre-marking (black if snow is on the ground).