Employee Compensation

Total Compensation Posting

Illinois State law requires that municipalities post the compensation for certain employees online. Please click below to view the most current compensation posting: 

Fiscal Year 2020 (PDF) (Estimated compensation for the fiscal year beginning May 1, 2019.)

Directors, Senior Managers, & Supervisors (Exempt)

Job Class Code Position Minimum Maximum
E6 Chief of Police
Director of Public Works
Director of Community Development
Director of Finance
$98,343 $146,517
E5 Deputy Chief of Police $93,000 $131,639
E4 Police Commander $90,000 $117,000
E3 Water & Sewer Superintendent
Streets Superintendent
Chief Building Official
$73,568 $102,869
E2 Senior Planner
Human Resources Manager
$70,739 $98,912
E1 Accounting Manager
Community Relations Manager
$47,923 $82,077

Administrative & Technical (Non-Exempt)

Job Class Code Position Minimum Maximum
N5 Police Sergeant $88,843 $105,685
N4 Building Inspector $56,442 $78,921
N3 Executive Assistant $52,184 $72,967
N2 Administrative Assistant
Finance Assistant - Accounts Payable
$46,618 $65,186
N1 Finance Assistant - Utility Billing
Police Support Services Specialist
$41,443 $57,949