Little Free Libraries

Did you know Montgomery has multiple Little Free Libraries? You can find all the locations at or listed below. Some sites don’t have an address but can be found using latitude and longitude coordinates.

• Montgomery Police Dept., 10 Civic Center Ave

• 63 Fernwood Dr (in Boulder Hill)

• 2850 Frances Ln

• 2773 Avalon Ln

• Foxmoor Lake Walking Path (Lat: 41.72646 Long: -88.4057)

• Simpson Pkwy and Kennedy (Lat: 41.72562 Long: -88.41658)

• Seasons Ridge Walking Path near Briarcliff & Deer Run (Lat: 41.71153 Long: -88.3954)

Additionally, a small indoor free library location can be found in Village Hall (200 N. River St.) on the second floor near the administrative offices. This is a public area made possible through the generosity of the Village of Montgomery in partnership with the Oswego Public Library District.