Vacation Checks

Montgomery Police Department Vacation Checks

The Montgomery Police Department offers a service to residents who will be out of town and would like the police department to keep an eye on their residence. If you are interested in having vacation checks while you are gone please fill out a vacation check form. The vacation check form provides information on the dates the home will be unoccupied, contact information, vehicles that will remain at the house, and lights that will be left on or set on a timer. This information will assist Police in identifying possible suspicious activity at the home. The form can be filled out online or picked up at the Montgomery Police Department. The form can also be faxed to the Police Department at (630) 897-6320.

It is important that the homeowner notify the Police Department to cancel this service after returning home. Anyone who calls to cancel Vacation Check Service will be asked to provide the code number given on the Vacation Check Form in order to ensure Police that the caller is actually the returning homeowner.

For additional information on this program, please call the Police Department at (630) 897-8707 ext. 9060 or (630) 897-8707 ext. 9061. The Records personnel on duty will be able to answer any questions regarding this program.