Basins & Native Landscaping

Butterfly on Flower by Water

basin with natural vegetationThe Public Works Department oversees the maintenance of most of the stormwater basins and common areas in many of the subdivisions in the Village. Due to the vast acreage involved, mowing and landscaping services are divided between the Public Works Department and hired contractors.

Stormwater basin maintenance services are provided by ecological design contractors who specialize in designing, planting, and managing the basin areas. 

Native landscaping provides a distinctive landscape that enhances stormwater filtration, infiltration, and bank stabilization. Native vegetation within the bottom of the basin will absorb nutrients, sediments, and pollutants from surrounding upland runoff. The vegetation filters and absorbs nutrients that stimulate high algal levels. Designed plantings will protect the basin banks from local runoff, fluctuating water levels, and erosion around inlets and outlets due to flow conditions. A secondary benefit of naturalized basins is that they discourage use by Canada Geese (which can produce unhealthy levels of fecal bacteria) and advocate resting and foraging habitats for desirable migratory waterfowl and other native wildlife.