Electronics Recycling

Electronics Banned from Landfills Effective January 1, 2012

Since January 1, 2012, electronic equipment cannot be collected with regular trash due to the landfill ban in Illinois. The Village of Montgomery offers quarterly drop-off recycling events to allow residents to dispose of electronics and other common recyclable items that are not collected curbside. These special collection efforts will allow these items to be recycled instead of depositing them in a landfill where they can contaminate the ground.

Quarterly Recycling Collection Events in Montgomery

The Village of Montgomery hosts quarterly recycling collection events on the third Saturday of the month in January, April, July and October. These recycling events help residents dispose of electronics and other recyclables that are not currently collected curbside. During the event, you can bring electronics, electrical items (anything that plugs in, including TVs of all types), rechargeable or lead acid batteries and metal. They will also accept household hazardous waste and prescription drugs. There is no fee to drop off any of these items.

These quarterly recycling events are provided by DC Trash, who contracted with the Village of Montgomery to provide trash and recycling services to residents within the village limits. Village residents pay a monthly fee to pay for those services. Therefore, these quarterly recycling events are for residential addresses within the village limits, and do not include businesses, unincorporated areas or apartment buildings because those are not part of the DC Trash contract.

These recycling events will not accept latex paint, incandescent light bulbs, alkaline household batteries, appliances or car tires. Recycling collection events are held from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on the third Saturday of January, April, July and October in front of the Montgomery Public Works facility at 891 Knell Road off of Route 31. Please call (630) 896-8080 ext. 9003 with any questions.

Kane County publishes an annual Green Guide with information on recycling more than 80 different types of items.

Other Area Recycling Drop-Off Locations


Unfortunately, there are no longer other locations where you can dispose of old tube, plasma or projection TVs for free. However, there are a couple of other options available for area residents to dispose of TVs by paying a fee.

Kane County has a webpage full of valuable information on how and/or where to recycle all types of items. Kane County's recycling events are open to all Montgomery residents including those who live in the Kendall County portion of Montgomery. They accept TVs at their monthly recycling events and at their weekday drop off locations, but there is a $25 to $35 fee for all TVs and computer monitors. Please click the link above for complete information and addresses.  

The Kendall County Health Department offers recycling events periodically, so Kendall County residents may want to check with them to see when their next event will be and what items will be accepted.  Their phone number is 630-553-9100.

Illinois Recycling Services will pick up TVs, computers, appliances and other electronics at your home for a fee.  Their fee varies depending on the item, but generally ranges between $35 and $100.  They offer discounts for seniors and veterans, and can either pick items up at the curb, garage, or they also offer carry out service for an extra fee (meaning they will come into your house and carry out the item). For information, a price quote or to schedule a pickup, please call 708-314-8624.

Hobi International accepts old tube TVs and monitors that are dropped off for recycling. There is no size limit but fees apply as follows: $13 for TVs under 25 inches; $27 for TVs 25 inches to 48 inches; and $54 for TVs over 48 inches. Please contact them for details: 

Hobi International
1202 Nagel Boulevard
Batavia, IL
They are open 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

Paper Shredding

A special paper shredding event is usually scheduled once or twice per year as directed by the Village Board. These events will be announced through a press release and posted on the Village website and Facebook page.

Paper shredding will be offered at our quarterly recycling events on July  20 and October 19, 2019.  The hours for paper shredding will be 9am to noon, and this event is for Village of Montgomery residents only.  

There also is a company in Aurora that does shredding year round for free because they make new products out of the recycled paper. You need to call for an appointment:
RockTenn Document Destruction
1601 E Mountain Street
Aurora, IL