AT&T (Phone/Internet/U-Verse)
(800) 288-2020
AT&T website
U-Verse website

Comcast (Cable/Internet)
(866) 594-1234
Comcast (Cable/Internet) website

WComEd (Electric)
Aurora Business Office
2001 Aucutt Road
Montgomery, IL 60538
(800) 334-7661
ComEd website

LRS Recycling (Garbage/Recycling) *
LRS Recycling Montgomery Website

Fox Metro (Sewer) *
682 A Route 31
Montgomery, IL 60538
(630) 301-6881
Fox Metro website

JULIE (Utility Locating Service)--call BEFORE you dig anywhere!

MetroNet (Fiber Internet, TV & Phone)
MetroNet website

NICOR (Gas) (888) 642-6748
NICOR website

Village of Montgomery (Water) *
200 N. River Street
Montgomery, IL 60538
(630) 896-1357

*When you establish new water service with the Village of Montgomery, we will set you up with water, trash, and sewer so you don't need to make those calls individually.  Please use the links to forms below to set up new services with the Village of Montgomery:
For new owners (requires address, buyer's name and seller's name, and closing date)
For new renters (requires address, renter's name and owner's name)--Be sure to select Moving In from the "Renter" drop down box