Ordinances & Resolutions

Welcome to the Village's Ordinance and Resolution Library. 

The Village of Montgomery has in place a Code of Ordinances that regulates what is allowed and required in the Village. The Village also approves ordinances for local government including budget approval, variances, amendments, the annexation of property, development plans and so on. The complete Code of Ordinances can be found on the Municipal Code page. Below you will find a list of Ordinances and Resolutions for the past five (5) years. Anything prior to 2018 and in the current year can be requested by reaching out to our Executive Assistant via email at hhashim@montgomeryil.org

Village Code

Municipal Code of Ordinances


2018 Adopted Ordinances
2019 Adopted Ordinances
2020 Adopted Ordinances
2021 Adopted Ordinances
2022 Adopted Ordinances


2018 Approved Resolutions
2019 Approved Resolutions
2020 Approved Resolutions
2021 Approved Resolutions
2022 Approved Resolutions

Village Code of Ordinances for Development

All rules and regulations shall be complied with prior to any permits being issued for development, construction, repair or alterations to buildings or land within the Village. 
Grading Code 
Naturalized Stormwater Plantings Guidelines 
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Code
Stormwater Code
Unified Development Code