Amusement Device Licenses

Zoning Classification

Businesses receiving Amusement Licenses under this Ordinance must be located in a B-1 District or a District having a less restrictive zoning classification.

Licenses and Annual License Fees

Amusement Licenses must be renewed each year.  A license year is from July 1st through June 30th.

1) Casino Entertainment Devices – includes any amusement device, other than a pool table, which features a video display or other game involving a classic gambling, casino, or Las Vegas-style theme such as poker, keno, blackjack, video slot machine or similar themed games; provided, however, that no such device shall give off a printout, tab, ticket, token, any kind of credit or money other than internal designation of free games or other score therefor. $100.00 per license (non-refundable)

2) "Pool Tables" – includes billiard, bumper pool, and similar pool games of all dimensions. $75.00 per license (non-refundable)

License Required – Application Procedures

No applicant may be issued more than five (5) Amusement Licenses without prior approval from the Village Board.

New Applications (No previous licenses issued with Village of Montgomery)

An application may be submitted to the Village Clerk, 200 N. River Street, Montgomery, IL 60538. All new applications will be subject to a background investigation. A non-refundable background investigation fee of $40.00 made payable to the Village of Montgomery must accompany all new applications. The background check will be waived for persons who have had a background check in connection with the issuance of another type of license in the Village.

Approval of License – After the background check has been completed and all requirements have been met, the Clerk shall issue a Location License and individual machine licenses to the owner/manager of the business. The Location License must be posted on the premises; the machine licenses must be affixed to each device.

Full vs. Partial License fees – If at the time of application less than six (6) months of the current license year (August to July) has expired, the full annual fee as listed above shall be charged for each requested license. If more than six (6) months of current license year has expired, a license fee of one-half of the full fee shall be charged for each requested license.

Renewal Applications (Any business currently holding an Amusement License within the Village of Montgomery)

The Village Clerk will send a Renewal Application prior to the expiration date of the license, which is June 30 of each year. The owner or manager of the business must provide to the Village Clerk a completed Renewal Application and a check for the license fee(s). The Village Clerk will prepare a new Location License for the business to place on display and will issue new machine licenses as necessary.

Transfer Fee

During the license year, you may transfer the license to a replacement device by paying a transfer fee of $10.00 and any increase in the device fee category.

Fines, Revocation or Suspension of License

Any violation of the Amusement Ordinance may result in fines, revocation, or suspension of the Amusement Device License.

Display of License

Amusement Device Location License must be posted in public view on your premises.