Rain Barrel Program

Rain Barrels

The Village partners with The Conservation Foundation annually to offer rain barrels and accessories for purchase. Residents can have their rain barrels delivered to their homes for an additional fee or pick them up from Village Hall on the designated pick-up day. 

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The Importance of Rain Barrels
One simple, efficient, low-cost method to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff from your property is to use rain barrels. Estimates indicate that a quarter-inch of rain falling on an average home yields over 200 gallons of water. Rain barrels are simply large containers that capture stormwater from your roof that you would otherwise lose in the runoff. 

Modern barrels are sealed, safe around children, and insect resistant - they even can be painted or decorated to your liking. You can divert water from your downspout to fill your rain barrel, and a hose spigot in the front makes the water easy to access and use. 

Registration for the 2023 program will open soon. Barrel pick-up from Village Hall is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 2, 2023, from 10A-5P.

Click "purchase" below to redirect to the third-party vendor, Upcycle, to reserve and pay for your sustainable items.


2023 Pricing & Order Information

55-gallon Rain Barrel (terra cotta, black, grey, blue)$64.50
55-gallon Wide Overflow Rain Barrel (black, grey, blue, terra cotta)$86.50
275 Gallon Rainwater Tote$137.50
Flexible Elbows

Linking Hose$17.50
Stationary Composter (55 gallons)$75.50
Tumbling Composter (55 gallons)$165.50
Rain Barrell Plant Hangers$15.40
Netting for Barrels$13.40

*Prices are subject to tax and home delivery fees. 

Click "purchase" below to redirect to the third-party vendor, Upcycle, to reserve and pay for your sustainable items.


Residents must place rain barrel orders online through a third-party vendor, UpCycle Products. Payments can be made online or by mail by sending a check directly to UpCycle.

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Around 40% of total household water used during the
summer months is for watering lawns and gardens.

Contact for Rain Barrel Program

Community Development
E | permits@montgomeryil.org
D | 331-212-9023

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