Electrical Aggregation Program

Under Montgomery's municipal electrical aggregation program, the Village of Montgomery went out to bid in June 2017 and selected Dynegy as the energy supplier through October 2018 at a rate of 6.896¢ per kWh which was slightly less than ComEd's rate at the time. Information on the 2017 aggregation program was mailed out to all residents in June 2017 by Dynegy, and all residents were moved to this program unless they opted out and selected a different electrical supplier.


All participants in the Village of Montgomery's Electrical Aggregation Program will be moved to ComEd as their electrical supplier effective October 2018.

Following the passage of a March 20, 2012 voter Referendum, the Village of Montgomery contracted with alternate retail suppliers to procure lower cost power supply for resident and small commercial retail accounts. The program has achieved great success with savings through October 2018 approaching $250 per participating household for a cumulative $1.15 million savings Village-wide.

The Village renewed the program in subsequent years and again sought competitive bids to extend the program at the expiration of the current term of October 2018. No bids received were below the ComEd rate to compare, which is currently an annualized 7.75¢ per kWh. With no achievable savings at this time, participants in the Village's program will be transferred to ComEd as their supplier in October. The Village intends to seek bids again at a later date and will provide an update at that time.

Residents who are currently enrolled in the program need do nothing. They will be automatically switched back to the default ComEd supply service at their meter read date in October 2018. They will receive a "Confirmation of Drop" notice from ComEd in September, informing them of the upcoming switch.

PLEASE NOTE: with the suspension of the Village's program, residents will receive increased solicitations from electric suppliers. When considering any solicitation, residents are advised to avoid variable rates that may have no upward cap, termination fees, and any added monthly or miscellaneous fees.

A recent Illinois Commerce Commission study reported that Illinois residents who engage in an individual supplier contract (i.e., not a Village electric aggregation program) paid an average 24% above the ComEd rate.

Never provide your ComEd account number to a solicitor unless you have contacted them directly to enroll and you have reviewed all terms and conditions. Avoid supposed deadlines associated with signing up for a program.

No solicitor is associated with the Village. If a solicitor claims otherwise, take their information and report to the ICC. Get more information about electric rates.

As always, if unlicensed solicitors come to your door or if a solicitor ignores a posted No Soliciting sign, please contact police dispatch at 630-553-0554 to report this or any other issues with solicitors.