The easiest way to dispose of old tires is to dispose of them at the tire store when you buy new tires.  But if you have old tires laying around taking up space in your garage and want to dispose of them, there are several options.  

There is no curbside tire pickup in Montgomery, but there are several locations where you can drop off tires for recycling for a small fee.

Walmart at 2000 Orchard Road in Montgomery will take old car tires 7am to 7pm for $1.50 per tire.

Lakin Corporation at 2001 Greenfield Road in Montgomery accepts tires from 8am to 3pm Monday-Friday.  They charge $2 for car tires, $1 for motorcycle tires and $8 for large truck tires.  They also accept tires from businesses.

Most businesses that sell tires, such as Firestone on Orchard Road in Montgomery, NTB in the Ogden Hill Shopping Center, or any Discount Tire location, will all accept tires for a small fee.  Just call before you go for prices and hours.